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About the project

Many seniors suffer from cognitive challenges, particularly related to memory. The fact that 15–20 % of people over 65 have mild cognitive impairment (MCI) illustrates the severity of the problem.


Reminder notes are placed in various locations around the apartment. However, the required reminders depend on what the users are currently doing. If one wanted to have a paper note for every occasion, they would clutter up the home and be too numerous to remain useful.​

This project proposes to develop digital reminder notes that would be context-sensitive. First, this means that we will use various types of sensors to detect what the user is currently doing. And second, we will rely on a schedule of the user’s activities. The schedule will be partially pre-programmed and partially learned from observation of the user via the sensors. This will give us a very good idea about what the user wants or needs to accomplish at a given moment, so that we will be able to display just the right reminder. Furthermore, the digital medium will make it possible to provide illustrated step-by-step instructions for more complex activities. Finally, the system will serve not only the primary users but also their carers and relatives.


The CoachMyLife project aims to improve the user's quality of life, by increasing his/her independence and providing guidance to selected activities of daily living, which will be adapted to the users' current need and context by intelligent computer methods. 


Furthermore, our solution will train the user's memory and executive function using a technique called errorless learning, which is particularly suitable for people with memory impairment. By training the users to activities they normally do, real benefits are expected.

The CoachMyLife system will be a comprehensive solution for cognitively challenged people that can walk the users through their lives, helping them as much or as little as they need. It will take full advantage of sensing technology that is currently under intense development, and will build user experience from the ground up through co-design. It will be offered directly to the users and their carers before they reach the stage of dementia. The solution will be offered to home care organisations as well as nursing homes.

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